About Us

Youthinmind Ltd is a private family-run company harnessing computers and the Internet for the psychological well-being of people everywhere. Since we don't accept commercial sponsorship, you can be sure that our advice is not influenced by the needs of drug companies, private clinics or other vested interests.

The idea for youthinmind came from Robert Goodman, who is Professor of Brain and Behavioural Medicine at King's College London and who takes part in research on psychological health throughout the world. Far more young people and families want psychological advice than can get it from trained professionals - our websites exist to help fill this gap. Robert edits the websites while the hard work is done by other members of the Goodman family and by a dedicated team of programmers, writers, artists, administrators, reviewers and translators.

Many people have helped to create youthinmind, and we are very grateful to all of them. Particularly large contributions have been made by Helena Hamilton (administrator), Heatha Hornsey (editor for the Book Finder and Site Finder in English), Christine Kuhn (editor for the Book Finder and Site Finder in German), and Mike Smith (computer programmer). We also thank the following reviewers for their work reviewing books and websites: Kate Allen, Natalie Briant, Maddie Burton, Lorraine Hansford, Rachel Leeke, Ruth Marlow, Jacqueline Minton, Lucy Morley, Victoria Neumark-Jones, Dennis Ougrin, Claire Parker, Anna Price, Angharad Rudkin, Emma Speed-Andrews